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09-15-2012, 10:35 AM
For escorts, some of the common ones are the Shield Distribution Officer and the Conn Officer.

3x Purple Conn officers will bring your Evasives down to 15 seconds
3x Shield Distribution Officers will make you be able to have a pseudo RSP every minute.
Its based on a proc, but with 3 chances, you usually get a decent amount of free heals, if not all your shields.

You are a science officer, so you will want to spec into science skills like graviton generators, flow capacitors, Particle generators, Decompiler etc.

Science is a hard one to allocate skillpoints to because there is so much to spend in. Tacticals have the choice of Weapon specializations, and engineers just spend in X-Performance skills. Just make sure you have a solid BOFF build before respecing. Some skills work, some dont.