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Originally Posted by castsbugc View Post
1)Please list examples of missions that past muster

2)Please list your own missions showing your workarounds of your above listed grievances.
Actually most of CaptainRevos missions are completely free of bugs like bad spawn points and such. There seem to be a lot more federation (of course) missions that are bug free, I assume because people have been working on federation missions longer.

The main workarounds are exactly what I said in the OP. Use less scenery that isn;t native to the map. Almost every problem I have had in a foundry mission was due to author added scenery that didn't serve a distinct purpose but impeded movement.

By impeding movement, I am not referring to a simple obstacle in line of fire and such that makes a fight interesting. I am referring to decorative items that are at odd locations and just lock up BOFFs or even the player themselves. The workaround is: If a decorative item is not needed for the mission objective, playtest it before publishing by running around near it and seeing if you get stuck. The mission I am designing currently I have been working forever on a building you have to walk up to, trying to find a map and combination of sturctures that won't do this. From the front everything seemed OK, but when I walked around the back side (which someone might do if lost for a moment) I got instantly stuck when my head went under the edge of the building walking near a hill.

The important thing I guess that isn't conveyed by my OP, is I wouldn't be annoyed enough to rant about this stuff, if the mission storyline was forgetable and boring. This always seems to happen near the end of long, otherwise great missions. On the one I was doing right before the rant, I was one objective away from getting off a long map when I permantly lost a BOFF to a scenery trap. Playing on elite, the combat was pushing me to the edge having to call for help a couple times and revive fallen BOFFs. I was LOVING it! THIS was the reason I spent all that time in STFs getting MK XII Honor Guard set for me and MK XI sets for my tac BOFFs ... one objective left .... get to the console ... BOFFS get head stuck in scenery ...

Oh well I think I will log out and back and continue the mission. Mission had been almost an hour and a half long so was worth it. There had been no respawn points set at all in the mission and it started at the very beginning.

In no way do I underappreciatte the effort into foundry missions, and I always give dilithium to every mission I complete. It cost the author dilithium to make it so like it or not storywise, I always tip. My frustration is with uncompletable missions only.