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09-15-2012, 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by kbflordkrueg View Post
Even though it was advertised as breaking the targeting lock, it's not listed that way in the "official" description, nor has it ever broken the target lock since it's release.
It's a cool manuever, but it won't stop them shooting at you or cause incoming fire to miss you.
In other's kinda useless, IMOHPO.
^^ This.

It doesn't break target lock; and it really should, both logically and conceptually. Foe had a tractor beam on you? Guess what?! It's still on you after your jump, as if you hadn't displaced at all. Kinda makes it a lame console, as the displacement is only cosmetic that way.

Yes, you do get to be behind your opponent. But since you wind up at the opposite site of where you were facing your enemy, you're now just facing his fully charged rear shield face. Good luck with that.