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Originally Posted by realalis View Post

My current ship build

Ship: Blockade Escort (Obtained from the level 40 ship token)

Guns Fore: x4 Polaron Heavy duel cannons MK X (I have 1 borg one and the rest are uncommon ones)
Looks fine to me.

Guns Aft: x2 Polaron beam array MK X and 1 Tricolbolt mine launcher MK X
I'd personally replace all three with polaron turrets to maximise forward firepower.

Deflector: Graviton deflector array MK XI [ShdS] [SIF]

Impulse: Combat Impulse Engines MK X [Full] [Turn]

Shields: Remen prototype covariant shield array MK XI
If/when you get a chance I suggest you go for a Borg deflector, Borg engine and MACO shield.

The MACO shield is very good (much better then the Borg shield) and 2-pieces of the Borg set has a passive which when procs heals your hull. If you add the Borg console to that, the 3-piece Borg set will also have a passive which when procced will heal your shields. In fact I'd recommend you also get the borg console (unlike the rest of the Borg set you get it from the Borg/Undine mission "Assimilation").

Devices: Subspace Field Modulator

Engineering consoles: Tetraburnium Hull Armor Mk X, SIF Generator Mk X, Plasma Distribution Manifold Mk X
I'd dump the plasma distribution manifold. Power boost consoles are pretty much worthless at the moment I'm afraid. Replace it with a neutronium alloy.

Science consoles: Power Insulator Mk X, Shield Emitter Amplifier Mk IX
When you can dump both and replace them with 2x field generators. Together they will boost your maximum shield capacity by 36%

Tactical consoles: Polaron Phase Modulator Mk XI x2, Polaron Phase Modulator Mk X, Universal - Subspace Jumper
I'd recommend replacing the jumper console with another polaron console. If you really want to use it, stick it in an engineer console slot.
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