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09-15-2012, 01:19 PM
I'd like to thank everyone for all the help you guys have given me so far =D

I'm sure now with all this new information i can make my ship a hell of a lot better

I also like the diversity on some of the suggestion that others has posted, there are a lot of similar tech that everyone has mention but i can see the main difference with some of the setups, i.e some are aimed more towards dps and others towards surviving fights.

Again thank everyone I'll be sure to put all the advice to good use, any more advice is welcome =)


Edit: Some one mentioned that i should switch my combat engines to hyper impulse engines I generally have full power to weapons and my engine power settles at 47/25 would that still work well with hyper impulse engines?

Edit 2: I've taken the advice and brought myself x3 Polaron turrets MK XI [Dmg] and my damage output has increase greatly I've moved my Subspace jumped and brought another Polaron module MK XI and removed my Plasma Distribution Manifold Mk X I tried looking for some Field Generators but the only ones on the exchange where going for 1million And i don't have that kind of money atm ^^'' I'm holding off on upgrading my weapons to MK XII Until i do a few more STF missions and get some of their equipment =)

So far so good on all the advice =D

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