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I'm having some difficulty in deciding what is the best tanking set for me? I?m an engineering cruiser captain and I have both the Aegis Technological Research set + the M.A.C.O. set at mark 11 very rare. Can someone please tell me which one I should pick and why?

Borg deflector, Borg engines and MACO shield

A 2-piece Borg set has a good chance of healing your ship. If you have the Borg console aswell, the 3-piece bonus also has a chance of healing your shields. If you dislike the appearance like me, you can disable it's visuals.

The MACO shield because it's decreases the amount of damage bleedthrough, has a good recharge rate and a decent enough cap.

Or Aegis shield if you want, but either way take the Borg engine and deflector.
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