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Originally Posted by fulleatherjacket View Post
The Galaxy class will never be properly fixed. I've advocated time and time again for a universal ensign and a third tactical console for the fleet version so that it matches the fleet Negh'var. Cryptic's official response in a radio interview was "DERP ITS FINE AS IT IS LOL", which proves that Cryptic doesn't care what the players think about this issue.
I am puzzling, why do they refuse to change this ship. Is it laziness, incompetence or do you think they just hate the Galaxy Class?

I just don't get it, there are more than enough people wanting this ship to be more like in the shows and the devs are just laughing and saying that is is ok as it is?
(which is simply not true.)

I really want to understand their motives.

Originally Posted by angrytarg View Post
@ yreodred: regarding the weapons my personal theory is that STO is more or less just a mod of "Champions online". I have never played that, but let's tone it down to the fact that STO basically just puts Star Trek-themed skins over an existing game and in this game you probably have all those weapon choices that they somehow had to "translate" to a Star Trek game. Why on earth they decided that Miniguns, Blast Assault Rifles, Plasma Grenades and all that stuff had to be in this game is anyones guess but it may be just a result of the limited possibliites the DEVs had to work with. Who knows...
I think they did what they always do, they just add things they think are "cool".
They don't care about what would be appropriate to Star Trek, they just add what they like.
The devs of STO treat Star Trek as if it where there own creation, i think CBS or whoever has the rights on Star Trek should keep an rigorous eye on this game.
Other francises are much better "protected" just think about Lord of the Rings. There are actually a lot of people that boycott Peter Jacksons movies. What would those people do if they where Star trek fans and had to see what Cryptic has done to "their" Star Trek?

Live long and prosper.

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