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09-15-2012, 04:40 PM
The brel's cloak give it an advantage, but they run SHIELDLESS.

A few unlucky mines blows those fragile things out of their cloaks and into oblivion.
A charged particle burst, tractor repulsors, warp plasma and its sister abilities... a lucky sub nuke, emision seeking torps,.. dominion antiproton sweep, the 2 nebula c-store sci ship consoles... all ways to hurt a brel under its cloak...

Advantage comes at a price.

Having the LRSV being able to fight with armor is near immortality at the cost of nothing.

(after re reading that i kinda sound like a jerk, i honestly dont mean to sound it, but the point i was trying to drive, is that the cloak has its disadvantages, having a LRSV in its armor (even if limited to transphasic torpedos) is a unballanced)

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