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# 8 DSSV Holdover Build.
09-15-2012, 05:20 PM

There are ships that do what the DSSV does a little better in my opinion (Nebula, Dkyr for examples). But this should be a solid start for you.

This will do better healing, more crowd control and better general output in pvp. I also recommend, having GW3 in still on a second boff (maybe your Ltcmdr) so you can switch it up for STFs. The DSSV turns abit like a boat, so the 90 degree skills aren't as useful there as 360 degree skills tend to be.

Also, keep tac Team and APB or attack pattern Delta on a second tac boff for when you go into pvp.

For Doffs I would go with 2 purple dev labs, 3 Shield Distribution doffs of the best quality you can manage.

FBP gives you a second deterrent to people shooting you. (RSP gives you another in the form of a massive shield heal)

Consoles: Go with 2 SIF Generators, and put your Borg in the 3rd.
Sci: Field Generator, 3 Particle Generators you can also swap this for Shield Emitters consoles if you are finding yourself doing more healing than anything else.
Tac: 2 energy consoles.