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# 10 Pyro/kinetic Intrepid.
09-15-2012, 05:22 PM Spec.
Do you have an unhealthy fascination with setting things on fire? Who doesn't right? As pvpers we produce more flames, and explosions than a Michael Bay movie in one single match. We like it like this of course. But what if you are having a hair of issue in terms of overall...burning in your sci?

Well this ship might just be for you. This seems on the surface like any run of the mill sci ship, and boff wise it is. What differentiates it though is the stuff in the torpedo tubes, and what comes out the back of the ship. Plasma. Lots and lots of hawt sexy burning stuff. Plasma burns, overtime can accumulate very quickly because they stack, and not only this they are also tac boostable.

with 3 purple torp doffs you will be firing these out at a machine gun pace as well. (infact it's quite likely you'll have more torps than firing angle even in the intrepid and recon)

In the tests, I found that they can put on a decent sustained pressure. This boff layout with it should provide more pressure and system shutdowns.

Deflector :Borg
Engine: Borg
Shield: Maco

Weapons Phaser Beam array (of course) 2 Plasma Torpedoes
Aft, 3 Plasma Mine Launchers.

Doffs. 2 purple torpedo officers, 2 Systems Engineers, 1 Aftershock

Power levels. 25 weapons, 50 Shields, 50 Engines, 75 Aux.

Cmdr: Viral Matrix 3, Sci Team 3/TSS3, TSS2, Tractor Beam1 Alternate: Vm3, TBR2, ST2, TSS1
Lt Cmdr: Grav Well 1, HE2, HE1/Polarize hull1
Lt Tac, Tac Team, Attack Pattern Delta1
Lt Eng. EPTS1 and 2
Ens Sci, Tractor Beam1