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# 12 Old Sci Bird.
09-15-2012, 05:23 PM The spec.

Ship: Heghta heavy raider.

Shields: KHG or Resilient Cap3s Note: MK12 Res Cap2s make a decent stand in till you get your KHGs if you're too new for Res Cap3s. (they aren't in vendors anymore)
Deflector: Borg
Engine: Borg

Weapons : 4 Dual Heavy Cannons 2 Turrets.
or 4 Dual Heavy Cannons 2 aft chroniton launchers.

Power Settings. 100 Weapons 25 shields, 25 engine, 50 aux. (preset 1)
Preset 2, 100 Weapons 50 shields, 25, 25
Preset 3, 100, 35 shields, 25 engine, 35 aux
Preset 4 25 weapons, 75 shields, 25 engines, 75 aux.

Devices: Aux batteries, Engine Batteries. (with optional. Shield Battery, Subspace field mod)

Cmdr: Grav well 3, Viral Matrix 1, Transfer Shield strength 2 Polarize Hull1
Lt Cmdr, EPTS1, RSP1, Eject warp plasma 1
Lt Tac Tac Team1 Cannon Rapid Fire1
Lt tac Tac Team 1 Cannon Scatter volley1

Consoles: 2 Neutronium Armors 1 Borg
2 Particle Generators, 1 Field Generator. (balance) Offense 3 Particle Gens, or 3 Graviton Consoles, Defense 1 Graviton or particle gen, 2 Field Generators.
3 Energy Consoles.

Doffs: I recommend the after shock doff, the matter anti matter specialist, and 3 shield distribution officers on one setup. For another more setup incase the GW and plas start to fail, 3 Systems Engineers (viral matrix) 2 shield distribution officers.

3rd loadout. Matter Anti Matter, Aftershock, 2 Systems Engineers, 1 Shield Distribution officer.

This particular Sci bird is built to set up massive zone control with shut down capability. Like all smart bops it's made to hit and get out ASAP should the attack fail. RSP is really only there to help you escape. It's not there to help you sustain a fight. The two cannon skills similarly are there for options. CSV gives you spam clearing options (always good in modern STO!), while CRF gives you more burst options.

Grav well and warp plasma are utterly devastating when combined together and the bop is more than fast enough to utilize this setup. Couple these with VM and Sub Nuc and you have a ship that probably can, and will make people at some point throw something, probably something heavy across the room in anguish.

Get 2 of these Birds together and things get utterly hilarious, very quickly.

This is a relatively old sci bird, with an addition of VM and doffs but it still works incredibly well when positioned and used correctly. It also is one of the few bop layouts that is not 100 percent duplicate's by federation starships (at present) It is also one of the last vestiges the Bug has not completely replaced.