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# 13 Control Boat Nebula.
09-15-2012, 05:24 PM

Ship: Nebula.
Engine: Borg
Deflector :Borg
Shield, Maco.

Weapons: 3 trans torps, aft, 2 chron mines, and a beam array.

Consoles: 2 SIF gens, 1 Ablative armor.
2 Field Generators, 2 Graviton Generators
2 Transphasic consoles.

Power settings, 25 weapons, 50 shields, 50 engine, 75 aux.
Alternate : 75 weapons, 50 shields, 25 engines, 50 aux.

Cmdr, Scramble 3, GW1, TSS2, HE1. Alternate: Scramble 3, TBR2, TSS2 HE1
Lt Cmdr, Warp Plasma 1, EPTS2, EPTS1 Alternate : EPTS3, Extendshield 1 EPTS1
Lt Uni PH1, ST2
Lt Tac: Tac Team 1, APD1
Ens. Tractor beam

Doffs: Aftershock, Matteranti matter, 2 purple dev lab scientists, 1 purp shield distribution doff.
Alternate: Warp Core Engineer, 2 purple dev labs, 2 Shield Distribution doffs.

This ship is considerably more aggressive than the last nebula posting I made. As it is not really a DPS ship you want as strong of holding power as you can use safely, so gravitons are the way to go. Countermeasure consoles also make a good secondary set too as it raises your scramble duration. Scramble is pretty good for dealing with carrier pets, as well as slowing down healing for a little bit. GW1 gives a good slow for dealing with carriers, and TBR as an alternate can be used against more faster moving targets, and bust up fedballs.

It's capable of supplement heals still as well. The only thing it does not do well is burst damage. New transphasic torps are capable of dealing some good damage for non tacs, but the ship is ponderous. They are there mostly to put pressure on once the sub nuke drops.

Engies can change the torps out for Beams (and all you have to do is shift your spec out of torps into Energy), and change the power settings abit to get max weapon power.

Tacs really don't belong in nebulas.

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