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# 14 Vampire BOP
09-15-2012, 05:25 PM
This is another sci bird of prey. This one's focus however is to be a vampire. It has two suites of options here, or rather three, once the nasty drains hit the field.

After some retesting of Tykens recently, they appear to have finally fixed it. At least if you are decked to the 9s with it anyway and are using mark 3. (TR3 still seems only about where 2 was before all the skill tree changes, but that's still a fairly usable skill when used enmasse)
Like my previous Sci Bird this one is meant to be paired with a duplicate of her capabilities.

Gear: Weapons Polaron Acc 2 CrtH, Dual Heavy Cannons X4, Attack pattern B change out a DHC for a Beam Array. 2 Polaron Turrets Acc2 CrtH
Engine: Borg
Deflector: Borg
Shield: KHG, MK12 Resilient Cap2. Or Mk X Res Cap3 if you still have one.

Consoles: Engineering Barrier Field Generator, Aceton Assimilator, Neutronium Armor
Science : 2 Field Generators, 1 Borg
Tactical : 3 Polaron Consoles.

Doffs: Gravimetric Scientist (Tykens), 2 Systems Engineers, 1 Purple Shield distribution officer.

Power Settings: 100 Weapons, 25 shields, 25 engine, 50 aux. 50 weapons, 25 shield, 25 engine, 100 Aux. (cloak, and decloak starter setting unless you want to eat a battery for aux) Run Away, 25 weapon, 75 Shields, 75 Engines, 25 aux.

There are three primary attack configurations for this ship. Each change the Lt Cmdr Boff slot at minimum. I will list them and their relevant configurations as A B and C.

Cmdr: Tykens Rift 3, Viral Matrix 1, Transfer Shield Strength2, Polarize hull.
Lt Cmdr A: Photonic Shockwave1, Hazard Emitter 2, Tractor Beam1
Lt Tac: A: Tac Team, Cannon Scatter Volley.
Lt Eng A: Emergency Power to Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1

LtCmdr B: Tac Team, Cannon Scattery Volley1, Target Engines 2 with Target Shields 2 on an alt tac boff.
Lt Eng B: EPTS1 RSP1
Lt Uni B: Tac Team1, Cannon Rapid Fire1

Lt Cmdr C: EPTS 1, RSP1, Eject Warp Plasma 1
Lt C: Tac Team, Cannon Scatter Volley1
Lt C: Tac Team CSV1

The Barrier field replaces the busted leech, and provides the ability to segregate ships on the opposing team from each other. This gives you another soft counter to extend shields, and will slow down healing tremendously from your opposition, when properly deployed especially with a second field on the well field. The assimilators, even though they no longer stack like they once did and their drain is greatly reduced, gives you a static 5 power loss or so on the field to assist in tyken and polaron Drains.

This bird is mean to hit and run once things get hot and heavy like the last sci bird and set the battlefield for total destruction of the opposition