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09-15-2012, 07:24 PM
Originally Posted by paxfederatica View Post
Supposedly the reason for this is that:

  1. Anytime a NPC is removed from a map, be it in a Foundry mission or a Cryptic one, it counts as a "kill" for experience purposes,
  2. this hard-and-fast rule apparently cannot be fixed or tweaked without breaking other stuff in the game, and
  3. it's too easy to exploit when making farming/grinding missions. (That is, if you could remove NPCs from a map, there'd be nothing to prevent some unscrupulous author from designing a mission that consists of nothing more than beaming onto a ground map that's maxed out with NPC's, and then interacting with an object that makes all the NPCs go away, thereby "killing" them all and instantly "earning" tons of XPs in addition to being too easy a way to grind for dilithium, and now fleet marks as well).
Aren't you confusing npcs and mobs? I didn't pay attention to the effects of the kill button in god mode to see if gives xp for a contact npc but i'm not sure it does...