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09-15-2012, 06:31 PM
The Ablative Armor currently makes no sense.

In Endgame:
-The armor was up for much longer than 15 seconds
-The armor was strong, but thats just because the Borg hadnt seen it before.

If the armor was so strong (+900 in game) would the federation not have invest heavily into adapting it to all ships?

In game, the time cap and long cool down are for balancing the strength of the armor. It was never supposed to be a panic button.

I say, greatly reduce the strength of the armor to +40 which is the equivalent to 2 Neutronium armors. You are using a console slot to use the Ablative console in the first place, so really the only benefit is one free engineering console.

Keep making it so you cant use energy weapons. This forces the ship into a torpedo boat or a dedicated healer.

And make the toggle only out of combat, similar to all non-battle cloaks.