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09-15-2012, 09:22 PM
Earlier this week I complained about being silenced by players at ESD for no reason. I wrote an email to their "support."

Days later I received a response, where they completely disregarding the abuse, didn't bother to read the email and blamed me for policy spam abuse.

A+ Customer Support

Quite frankly, they just don't care. All that matters to them is the money, every penny they can find in a gutter and if implementing a cheap system that is easily abused means they don't have to hire more support staff, then so much the better.

I mean who cares how many customers you get to quit the game for sheer lack of incompetence... you already have their money right? It isn't like they are going to pay more in the future or anything, loyal customers are a myth. We'll just get the next sucker that comes along.

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