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09-15-2012, 11:04 PM
I love the build and the tact Oddy, I run something very near it. I have caught alot of crud for it but my oddy runs thru elite STF's without much diffculty. PvP its not so great, people tend to move more than borg do, go figure.
I am currently running

3 XII tet DBA
1 XII photo torpe

3 XII tet BA
1 XII Quant torpe
This is great dropping shields and popping a torpe on an exposed hull, yay!
3 rare XI tet PG
1 Bio funtion 1 SE 1 SE amp
1 aqua escort 1 borg mod 1 PDM 1SIF gen

mk XII MACO shield and deflector with Borg Engines

The trick is the boff abilities
EPTS 1, ET2, RSP2, AB3
ST1, HE2
HYT1, BO2, BO3
TS1 and2
It tanks well and kicks out more damage than most crusiers, but dont try to use it like an escort. slow and steady, stand your ground and keep EM ready. If it dosn't turn enough for you ( but if you go slow and steady you should have that prob but if you do) drop in a RCS.

Tell me what yall think of it, give it a try let me know.