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Some of you may be familiar with Star Trek: Odyssey, a new foundry series, which is set in the STO Universe. I'm looking for creative writers that think outside of the box to help me continue the series. The way ST: Odyssey is written, is the same way a series like TOS or TNG were written. Continuing in their example, I'm looking to find skilled Sci-Fi writers who can help me add additional episodes.

Right now, I'm looking for a story that excludes the following subjects: war/battle, a virus effecting the ship, a new piece of machinery added to the ship, or a revolt on a Federation planet. The reason I'm excluding these topics and similar subjects is because the first five episodes have dealt with them.

Before I started writing the first episode, I layed out a listing and summary of every episode in the first season. The episode I was going to write next dealt with the assassination of the Federation ambassador to the Tzenkethi. This episode, I have decided, will be put on hold, due to the recent unrest in the middle east and attacks against US embassies, I believe that it would be in poor taste to release this episode so soon. As a result, I am stuck. I do not want to renumber and release the episode after, whose topic is similar to Episode 5. I've tried to come up with new ideas. Unfortunately, my ideas are not in keeping with the current limitations of the Foundry, and I don't want to compromise what may be a great episode when better Foundry components are added at a later date.

I've come up with the following ideas:

Unnatural Pursuits
The ship encounters an odd distortion in space, when they're suddenly transported to a gameboard where a seemingly omnipotent being pits them against puzzles, obstacles, and other ships and civilizations. This is the most likely idea for the next episode. It's very easy to realize using Foundry Tools without sacrificing the story.

The ship encounters an odd distortion in space that transports them to various points in time and space, with each instance causing harmful damage to the Space-Time continuum. This is a great idea (IMO) and do-able using current tools, but I'd much rather save this episode for further down in the series as a reflective episode (like Episode 20 or 50).

The captain, on his way to Bajor, via shuttle, crashes on an alien and inhospitable world. He or she must find ways to survive the harsh environment, defend against the animals of the wild, and repair the emergency comm system. Not being able to have a shuttle map or select the number of BOs allowed makes this almost impossible. Also, this is more of a role playing mission, which I'd rather not do.

Diplomatic Impunity
While on a mission to the diplomatic conference on Cheron, the player's runabout is ambushed. The shuttle crashes, and the senior officers must find a way to evade the enemy that did this to them and contact the ship. Meanwhile, the junior officers on the ship try to solve the mystery of the missing runabout. There is no shuttle map to use. Other than that, its do-able.

Shore Leave
When the captain takes shore leave on Risa, they find a woman murdered on the peaceful resort world. The player must solve the mystery. Not being able to select the number of BOs allowed makes this, also, almost impossible. Other than that, it would be hard work, but it is do-able.

If you're interested in helping out or writing a story, I'd be more than willing to include your name in the credits.

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