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My stories are played in third person and are about my Ship and crew. Here is a breakdown of what I have planned out. I have written out the personalities of each of the characters. I also have a series outline. It is supposed to last for 10 season of 20 "episodes".

Captain Ro Aerrow: Bajoran Male 47 Years old from the southern Islands of Bajor, grew up until age 13 in the Cardassian Labor camp on the Island. He is the son of Ro Laren, A strong leader, fought in the dominion war, his personality is a mix between Jack O'neill from stargate SG1 and commander William Riker from Star Trek The Next Generation.

Commander Shanson Putin, 47 years old grew up in Hathon on Bajor: Second in command of the Endeavour, fought along side Ro Aerrow in the dominion war, personality is a mix between John Chriton from Farscape and John Shepard from SGA.

LTCDR Ana Delphina 28 years old: Second officer, intorduced after her rescue from Seti Alpha V in episode 9 The Wounded among us. She is anilitical, warm kind and whitty she is part human part betazoid, she has impathic and telepathic abilities. She was once the chief engineer of the USS BELEROPHON.

Dr Ro Ezas 38 Years old she was 4 years old when the Cardassings left Bajor, CMO of the Endeavour, she is the wife of Captain Ro Aerrow. She is curious, kind compassionate, brilliant has a personality like Samantha Carter from SG-1

Councilor Kyy Aliena 30 years old, she grew up on Starships and druing the dominion war lived on Bajor with her mothers family. She is the Councilor on the Endeavour. She is part Betaziod part Bajoran. She is strong kind and compassionate. She has a personality that is a mix of Kira Narise, and Diana Troi.

Jaz Sorad 46 years old Came from the Bajoran Western Continent, He is the chief engineer of the Endeavour, his personality is like carson beckett.

Las Sorad 46 years old twin brother of Jaz Sorad, he is the tachtical officer of the USS endeavour he is the ship baddass, he has the personality like most of samuel L Jacksons characters and the baddassery of Ronin Dex.

Ryl Atozid 22 years old Born on Bajor Ensign on the USS Endeavour has personality like Aiden Ford.

Latara Adriel 22 years old born on Bajor. The Helm officer for the USS Endeavour she has a personality that sees wonder in everything, she is innocent in that she is one of the crew born after the occupation.

Solard Benjamin 35 years old Science officer on the USS Endeavour he is brilliatn, and has several personality quirks, he can be abraisive, and a bit arrogant, he has a personality like Rodney McKay.

Series outline

The series takes place from 2401 to 2411. It is about the starship Endeavour and her all Bajoran crew. For the first 4 years of the series it is devoted to core trek lore, exploration, first contact and interaction with the character and crew of the Endeavour.

Because of the timeline of STO, the Klingon war will start in 2405. I will let the war with the Klingons last for 1 season, it will end with a threat that comes from within the Empire in the shape of the F'Klaryi. The Klingons having to deal with this threat and draw their attention elsewhere withdraw their forces back into Klingon space and a new Nutral Zone is established. Howwever a state of a cold war continues in the Arcanis sector.

The underlying current is that the Endeavour and her captain and crew has a destiny, a destiny that is fortold of a Champion of the Bajoran people that will finally completly unite them with the rest of the Galaxy. Since the occupation Bajor and the Bajoran people have struggled with their place in the Galaxy. In 2376 Bajor became a member of the Federation, however a sizeable number of the Bajoran.

Throughout the series all of the threats faced by the Federation and ones uncovered by the Endeavour and her crew are interconnected with the reapearance of the Iconians. In the first season the Endeavour uncover the Ascendancy, a menevilant race that worship the Iconains as gods, they use ancient techknowlegy of the iconians to move themselves and their ships from place to place by way of the Iconian gate system.