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You can not compare ship performance using hit point numbers, shield mod numbers and default turnrates. If that were so, escorts would be the worst ships to play in the game, but that's not the case. Its after you add in your best skill tree set up, consoles and equipment then those default stats change. The Galaxy-R fairs the worst out of all the cruisers. You can put in the Galaxy-R the exact same equipment you put in your Dreadnought and you well see that Galaxy-r shield and weapon power far less and the shield will be squishier. That's why you have to test things, don't just believe the stats on it first.
Actualy I was comparing the base stats only since the difference between the BOff setups is just an ensign and I mentioned this here "The only real difference between these ships in the ensign level BO slot. So the real problem is the same as the defiant r and the intrepid r, there arent enough useful ensign level powers to really use 3 ensign slots for one career.". I went on to suggest how to make it stronger "A simple solution would be to allow you to use any costume on the t5 and up cuisers."(snip). As for testing I own all of the ships in question and don't generaly find my shields any weaker than in any other ship. What i do find is that combat takes longer and I lack a diversity in my healing abilitys. Mainly its due to the global cool downs on most engineering abilitys. An example is in a Dread I can run; 2 epts 1's 2 tt 1's 1 rsp 1 or 2 and a TS1 giving me at any time 3 shield heals and 1 shield buff. on a galaxy I can only run one TT so I loose that and with all ept powers on a shared cool down the only thing available for an 3rd ensign engineer is an ET 1 which is useless for shield healing and generaly useless for any meaningful hull heal it will also put my TT into cooldown.

The fact is that no evidence has been provided to support your theory that the galaxy R is some how weaker stat wise and with no evidence to suggest that it's base stats are different from that of any of the other cruisers I compared it with what we are left with is only your general impression that it is some how inferior. I also note that at no point in this thread has any one seriously suggested a change or fix to the existing ship other than that it should be as powerful as it was in the show or that it get a universal ensign. I have only seen assumptions made that it must be inferior because the developers don't like it or tng or you some how.
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