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Originally Posted by jjumetley View Post
It should be as powerful as in the show, but understandably it can't. I don't see the Galaxy inferior but that ensign slot bugs me as hell. There are two solutions to this problem:
1) Make the ensign slot universal, or
2) Introduce new abilities an engineering ensign can use. Right now scientists and tacticians have a wider spectrum of choices which means less cooldown conflicts.
Consider this, it may well be just as powerful as it was in the show but almost 50 years have passed and we are several generations of shipping in the future so everything its being compared to is just more powerful than it ever was.

Also the ensign powers need looked at across the board, engineering may be the worst but generaly there aren't very many utility powers available below LT.

Tactical has beam, torpedo, and team powers at ensign and they only share a cool down with like systems so its only a real problem if you aren't using one of those weapons types

Science probably has the most variety but 3 of the powers are almost useless.

Engineering really gets the shaft with 4 of its 5 available powers all sharing a cooldown and its only other power sharing a cool down with the other 2 discipline's utility powers.
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