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Then you should read the thread more closely. The suggestions were in fact a universal ensign slot, a built-in ability for the seperation and a slight energy boost other T5 STORE ships share. The Gal-R is a ship you have to spent money, at least Zen, on, yet there is no justification as to why it get's so ill treated in comparision.

Yes, it is a retrofit and newer ugly ships Cryptic creates should be "better" - no one argues with that, the base stats are actually fine. But they could make it somehow worthwhile with those iprovements (ensign slot, ability, energy boni) OR just add it to the ships players can get for a token or via dilithium. Buying this ship makes no sense.
In your quote of my quote I did mention the universal ensign. And if your a 600 day veteran you can get this ship for free (prior to F2P it was free anyway.). If its saucer seperation were an integrated ability that means the cheveron sep would have to be for the oddy. A universal ensign would be nice but then the Negh'var has the same layout so does it get one too? its also one of the cheeper ships so why should it carry the same value as the more expensive ones?
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