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Having the LRSV being able to fight with armor is near immortality at the cost of nothing.
Um....i dont think you saw the -R part when i wrote LRSV-R. So yes, you do have to pay for this. Same as the BoP. So why should the BoP you PAY for get its canon ability, but the LRSV-R not get its canon ability. All the VA ships get their canon ability, EXCEPT this one. If someone forks out the 20 bucks for something, it should be well worth it.
Ummm... he wasnt talking $ cost. He was talking cost internal to the ship itself (ie battle cloak costs you your shields...). Though he is still wrong, technically the armor costs you your beams/cannons, and lets you only fire torpedos. Even though its not much of a cost (just run a torpedo boat), it's still a cost.