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I'm not certain it is understood what I'm saying....WHY the ***K is every Cruiser the size of King Kong? Was the TOS 1701 a "mammoth beast" when she was built? no... BUT...she was a Cruiser!!!
Actually the Constitution class is larger than any other canon starfleet ship of that era. Her direct replacement the Excelsior was larger still ("My God that's a big ship" -Dr McCoy). The only Federation starship of the 2240s anywhere near canon that is larger than the Connie is Franz Joseph's Federation class Dreadnought and that only shows up on a computer display in STII and III.

Now...would it kill the Devs to make some other Cruiser ships that are similar to a Galor? I'm not saying flood the market...just STOP MAKING ZED ZEPPELIN TYPE Cruisers that are massive in size. Would it behoove them to make 1 or 2 other ships like a Galor? That way, if someone didn't want a WHALE, they wouldn't have to settle for that abortion of a ship...the Odyssey....err should I say "the humpback whale"!

I'll take a T5 Excalibur, or a T5 Exeter....or some completely new ship yet to be introduced.
There is a smaller sized cruiser already available:

BTW the Galor you like to reference to so much has been called a Destroyer in canon.

From: "The Sacrifice of Angels"

(off her panel)
Sir, do you see those Galor class

I see them.

(off his panel)
It's a trap.

It's also an opportunity -- and
we may not get another.
(to Nog)
Ensign, have Galaxy wings Nine-One
and Nine-Three engage those
destroyers. All other ships, head
for that opening. Anyone who gets
through doesn't stop until they
reach Deep Space Nine.
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