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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
And it's been called "cruiser" in other episodes

KALITA: There are nine Galor-class cruisers about six light years away.
-DS9: Defiant

TORRES: The Maquis used to lure the Cardassians into the Badlands. Those Galor class cruisers had nowhere to run.
-Voy: Fury

so what's your point?
That it's a class that lines up between Cruisers and Destroyers. The OP is comparing Starfleet cruisers to something that is not in the same class. The Galor seems to fall in the Light Cruiser or Destroyer Leader classification. While the Starfleet ships are almost universally called a Heavy Cruiser (or Star Cruiser etc), the only Light is the T1 Centaur.
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