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09-16-2012, 08:38 AM
Probably another case of broken as expected...

The idea is this: If a Fed buys a fleet ship that has a C-store version, that C-store version tends to have it's own special hulltype, Type VI. If this Fed owns the C-store variant, he can use that skin. If not, he gets the popup you get: You want to use this hull color, you have to buy the C-store variant first. No big deal, as most Fed ships have shipyard variants with three or four free hulltypes to chose from.

Now on the KDF side, pretty much all of the non-Klingon ships are C-store ships. And apparently, their skins count as included with the sale as well. With no other skins on free versions, that yes, means you can't change your fleet ship's appearance.

I would not expect this to get resolved in your favor. They might make the buy button work, they might clarify any popup messages, and only if you're really, really lucky will they maybe unlock a skin or two on C-store ships that come with more than one hulltype to chose from.

Pattern colors should be free though. If that's the color that's been mentioned, that's almost almost certainly nowhere close to working as intended.

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