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The sauser separation should be a natural ship ability and not a console. The Fleet version should have its own as well, because the console can't be used in another type ship. Only Galaxy's can use that Sauser seperation console. The cosonles should be abilities that any ship can use and the are rarely used like AMS, Theta Radiation, Takyon Grid, Aceton Assimilator and instead of the sauser separation, use the massive energy discharge that was used to try to destroy the Borg Cube but was prevented by Locutas. Those are rarely used abilities in the show and can be used one anyship.
Only galaxys can use THAT seperation console the oddy has the same thing. And no c-store ship past RA or BG has a console that can be used on other ships. AMS is a galaxy console and can be used on any other ship regardless. And cryptic has said that c-store ships with innate abilitys will never have fleet versions. BTW AMS theta radiation and asceton assimilator are used constantly. The tachyon grid is broken at the moment which is why no one uses it. Also saucer sep, detection grid, ablative generator, and the 2 fed cloaking ships used to be innate powers pre F2P they were removed and a console slot was added as well as the power being changed to a console. So if you want to go back you are still out that console slot.
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