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09-16-2012, 09:09 AM
I went back and took a good look at my Oddy's set-up and i have a correction to be made. I am only running 2 DBA fore. I have another mk XII BA in front. I have found that the lost of less than 100 dps in the front 90 is set off OK with the addition of it to the side fire arc. More of that keeping pesky human players in front of you, they just dont seem to want to sit still. Besides a 3 beam broad side doesn't seem very "broad". 4 just felt more natural.
I also wanted to point out that the Ensign Univ slot can be used differently depending on the sit. EPTW is a good alternative to TT. It comes out a lot like the Dragon ship build but not as tanky and a little more DPS. It's also a selfish build. On easy missions like infected or fleet alerts and so-on then you'll be able to help out some of the lower ranked ships around you, but as soon as the poop hits the fan, you will be cycling thru the Boffs for yourself and if you do so you should never really fall below the 50% mark. when things get hairy, it is important to place more power to shields, though (duh, huh?)
The best part though is that i very rarely find that my weapon power falls below 70% when on power to weapons and i average out more around 85-90%, keeping the "heat on" to the DBAs and getting the damage bonus for the above 100% power more often.
Anyways, this is my two cents on my Oddy, hope it give some inspiration or helpful input for your own build. Let me know what you think.
Oh, EPTW= Emergency power to weapons