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In your quote of my quote I did mention the universal ensign. And if your a 600 day veteran you can get this ship for free (prior to F2P it was free anyway.). If its saucer seperation were an integrated ability that means the cheveron sep would have to be for the oddy. A universal ensign would be nice but then the Negh'var has the same layout so does it get one too? its also one of the cheeper ships so why should it carry the same value as the more expensive ones?
Well, I don't count the veteran reward as a legitimate bonus. 600-day-veterancy equals roughly 20 months of payment which is around 300 $ (!!!) - for "free"...

Yes, it was a free VA-ship prior to F2P (I was a subscriber back in the days) - but now it's not anymore. 600-day reward see above. And yes, let the oddysey have that, too. Why not? Grant the Bortas some built-in ability too, of course. A universal ensign for the negh'var would be nice indeed, but keep in mind that the negh'var is a FREE ship. The Gal-R isn't.

And even though it's 500Z cheaper than an oddysey (which is a weak argument since the only ships the Gal can compete with are FREE ones) no one says that it should get exactly the same or be superior to any of the more expensive ones. Plain energy boni, universal ensign, built-in ability. Everything else can stay the same.
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