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09-16-2012, 10:00 AM
Originally Posted by zanthe25 View Post
I recent got the fleet scourge destroyer, however i now find that i cant even do basic visual customisations such as colour as it cost 1500 zen BEFORE i make any alterations...

and they is no way to eliminate the cost, surely this is a bug? cant even give my ship a colour or pick a free bridge style?
This is a known issue that we're trying to resolve. In the meantime, if the ship is one you've purchased from the C-Store/ account wide unlocks (NOT fleet ships, lock box ships, Anniversary Odyssey, etc -- those that are not account wide unlocks), please discharge the ship and reclaim it.

In your case, you would not want to dismiss the ship since you can't reclaim it -- you would need to wait for a fix, so please watch the weekly patch notes

Thanks for your patience.


Brandon =/\=