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09-16-2012, 11:26 AM
despite some evidence presented to the contrary, i find that overcaped energy with DHCs works. with no EPtW and leach with 4 dhc and 4 turrets, my energy would drain down to ~68 reliably every fireing cycle. with leach back on and EPtW1, my power literally didn't drop below 100 wile not rapid fireing. with and without eptw1 on my excelsior, there was a difference between draining down to ~70 vs ~90.

i did this eye ball test against 1 of the 4 nanaite transformer things in KAE, shooting at it alone for several minutes buffed and then only power buffed and could see clear and consistent differences. enough to convince me at least, i don't really care if others claim the test is flawed or imperfect, it proves to me that over caped weapons energy helps cannons along with beams
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