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Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post
I'm a relativly new player. I decide to switch side to Klingons, because most of the player base "Starfleet Officers" don't act as "Starfleet Officers" at all.

Despite of the intro movie, I found out that many so called Starfleet Officers ...
... have no honor.
... attack without warning.
... are selfish (do not use any ability to heal comrades).
.. act uncoordinated and chaotic.

So I decided to went Klingon. Although you find the same of the above "qualities" on Klingon side, at least it don't feel so "un-trek" since these traints are not uncommon for Klinks :-)
Well, some Klingon players operate by their own codes of honor. Usually something along the lines of 'fair play', etc. I sorta have my own code, but a lot of Feddies might not interpret it as such. . .they seem to view a BoP temporarily retreating and cloaking as 'dishonorable' and 'un-Klingon', and they don't approve of sneak attacks, especially when they work.

It's really funny watching Feddies rage about BoPs using the only real advantage they have left as much as possible. As if keeping raiders weak wasn't enough. . .