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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
It's not nuclear activists that are the problem.... the UN wants to control nuclear energy for fear of a terrorist turning a nuclear reactor into a nuclear bomb.

THAT is the real problem with nuclear energy today.
Thus, the UN demonstrating amply what technological Ignorance, in a chamber full of activists, crooks, and lawyers, can conceive of when sufficiently insulated from either knowledge, or reality.

It took a combined effort of sustained work, intentional work, on a reactor complex where "quality" meant they only cut the structural materials with bad additives on 50% of it (when the work was actually done) to create the Tchernobyl explosion, and it took an earthquake sufficient to move a subcontinent 8 FEET to create the problem in japan-on a reactor that was more than forty years old and fifty years behind the design curve, and slated to be SHUT DOWN.

Beyond the need for a fairly large crew of well-educated (Possibly collegiate engineering level) disposeable terrorists to turn your reactor into an Atomic bomb (Specifically), there's the time factor-you're not going to do it, even on an old Hanford-N site, in a sweaty and joyous-praise-be-the-cause afternoon using hand tools and a flippy binder.