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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
My question was does this effect whether people end up playing KDF or not - one person says no.
One person says no in here.
Many do not play the KDF simply becuase they are not fans of the Klingons. Others play the KDf becuase of teh Orions, Gorn and Nuasicans and simply many KDF players are fans. The fact the is the faction is being played if iether due to fan likes, boredom and something or the player merely uses the faction to enhance thier primary gameplay.

Since currently all players start fed and all fans know what the Klingons tend to be in nature, aggressive, rash and quick to anger, the back story of the war makes sense. The voice Over does nothing to make the player think the Klingons are anything other than Klingons.
What is missed in the story of the game is why are the feds reacting to the KDF in such a brutal, brash and voilently uncharacteristic manner in this conflict. Its almost as if something pulls thier strings.
It would be nice if the gameplay let the player discover this on the rise up the levels.

I think its time to end the war.
I think its time that the built the war up through both factions beginingand lower levels with good story telling so that when one is at endgame levels the ending of the war to fight the common enemy actually makes sense.
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