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Originally Posted by kbflordkrueg View Post
I have always felt the newer intro completely sidesteps the fact you can even play Klingon.
It would be nice to mention the fact you can play as Fed OR Klingon even.
Shoot, if they actually advertised that, maybe they would attract more players since, despite what the majority thinks, not everyone wants to play as Federation.
If that was the case, there wouldn't be such an outcry to introduce Romulans.
IMOHPO, leaving that little fact out of the intro tells me volumes about how Cryptic feels about the Klingons in STO.
I don't think so. When a new player logs into the game, the first thing they'll have to do is click "New Federation Character". I would think it's hard to miss the greyed-out-for-now "New Klingon Character" button sitting three pixels away.

I think the intro was actually more even than that. It mostly focuses on Spock and the destruction of Romulus, then the Klingon Empire becoming more aggressive, and ends by highlighting all the craziness happening in the quadrant from a Fed perspective. So I say it's got a decent chunk of KDF advertisement in there.

What would be perfect, though, is getting a KDF-exclusive intro for Klingon characters.
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