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09-16-2012, 10:47 PM
Just a slight update.

I've managed to get my hands on the entire borg set now and have replaced my Subspace jumper with the borg mod, I've also got a hold of the MACO Deflector and Shield (But only at MK XI) Would it still be worth switching out the borg shield for the MACO one? I've also replaced all my Polaron Phase Modulator to MK XI and a few other consoles i can't remember x)

Also what's the standing on having x4 Antiproton Duel heavy cannons MK XII As forward firing guns? I've so far got a hold of 2 (Borg variant) Only problem i can see with them is getting the EC for x4 antiproton mag regulators MK XII as they are going for roughly 37mill in the exchange and i wanted to know if there was any easier way to obtain them (i.e Do they have higher drop rates in certain sectors or can you only get them from elite STF missions?)

Thanks any advice would be appreciated =)


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