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Originally Posted by drudgy View Post
Greetings again old friend! I've got another mission for you to review when you get a chance. I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have to improve the dialog.

Mission Title: Terrors of the Past
Your @Handle: kahn
Faction: KDF
Level Requirement: 41+
Mission Summary: The spoils of war are sometimes not as glorious as the Empire would lead you to believe. Delve deep into the mystery of a 1000 year old vessel drifting along near the KDF front with the Federation and learn the true meaning of Terror!

This mission was submitted as part of the Foundry Challenge #4. I appreciate any feedback you have with the mission! Good luck to all my fellow Foundry authors who submitted missions for the challenge.
He kahn,

Thanks for the review request. You are next up in the queue. I hope to get to your review tomorrow night.

Thanks for authoring,
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