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Originally Posted by stf65 View Post
I do not know how much clearer I can say it. Things are put into this game to make fans happy. They are not put into this game to make canon sense.

In canon a D7 would not scratch a Sovereign if the two ships somehow met in battle. In the game a D7 can destroy a Sovereign. I canon a Wells would probably make an Sovereign look like a paper airplane. In the game they are roughly equal. It is not about making sense with canon. Nothing in this game is. Everything in the game is put here for the geek factor, not common sense.
Zactly! :)

I saw a guy gripe in zone once, because allegedly the Delta Flyer had 2 aft phasers, whereas in-game it has none. Thus he and his friends didn't want to play the game any more. To that I can only say: Don't be that nerd kid from Galaxy Quest! Yes, we're all nerds here, after a fashion: it's just that some of us have retained our perspective. If it fits lore, great! If it doesn't, because game-mechanics require it, or because fans simply (and naturally) want to fly the various ships they've encountered watching all the series out there, then why not?

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