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09-17-2012, 01:36 AM
Given that the Aquarius seems to be the Fed equivalent to BoPs in terms of hull, etc, this seems fair enough to ask, at least at first glance. The thing is, it's like a slightly more powerful version of the Fleet Hoh'sus, with weaker shields. Slightly more hull, extra eng console and one less sci console, extra ensign Boff slot. Just a notably lessened shield mod (which doesn't really tell us much, as we've been getting somewhat inaccurate information about shield mods as of late). I agree, 16 is probably too low for the craft. . .maybe bump it to 18 and give it a slight shield buff? I dunno.

The Saber, though. . .just buff the damn shields. It has less shields than the Fleet Hoh'sus, apparently. But then, if they buffed the shields, it'd be like all other Fed escorts, and nobody would buy it. Makes me wonder why they released it at all.