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09-17-2012, 02:04 AM
what do you think "done" meant? the update is definitely incoming.

the saber is almost 4 times the volume of the defiant, they should not have the same turn rate. the saber is a small general purpose ship, being a defiant class also ran is not correct, but thats what we get in game when everything is ether an escort, cruiser or sci ship.

at least the aquarius change makes sense, that thing not turning more like a bop was one of my top 5 complaints on the fleet ship's stats, that was literally just the wrong turn rate for it, no other way to describe it.

how bout the somraw then? is smaller then the saber but larger then the defiant. also, the advertized shield mod on these fleet ships and retofits is lower then it actually is in game. the fleet somraw has a shield mod of .93 in actuality, the more basic retrofit has .8, just .3 less then a standard qin. the saber's shield mod in both forms is slightly better. giving the saber a higher turn rate because its 'weak', doesn't make sense. it is not weak at all, it was easily better then any other non fleet or lock box escort before.
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