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09-17-2012, 06:29 AM
If you follow the story, I'm quite surprised the game doesn't let feds switch sides as a fed toon to KDF considering that the KDF have been RIGHT pretty much all along. You only have to do first fed mission to P'Jem to figure that out. Hell even later in Romulan arc you attack a medical facility and put innocent civilians (not to mention weaken the Romulans defense against Undine infiltration) at risk as you blindly follow the orders of a Undine operative who accompanies you and pulls your strings.

But everyone thinks the arrogant feds are incapable of doing any wrong and are always right, even if they are putting the entire galaxy at risk.

Sort of related note - If they bring in a season focusing on shuttles, they need to include the Maquis on the KDF side, as it makes sense and maybe it'll make feds start to consider what they are doing if they have their own people angry to the point they are taking pot shots at them.