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Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
When i have more spare time to do it, i will try.

I am not so sure if such a game would be profitable, most gamers look only for high end graphics and don't care much for the game itself.
On the other hand games like the Sims are sucessful, maybe a space bound game that focusses on exploration, diplomacy, combat and micromanagement might be sucessful as well. Or do you think thats too specific. I cannot say if Sci Fi games are especially popular or not.

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It's a good question. Profitability (or at least sustainability) is key of course. But you are right to mention something like the Sims, no-one would have imagined that to become profitable before it did.

I think you could build a business case for such a game around other examples of games that have more of an exploration purpose. And there are plenty. Take something like Skyrim, game of the year. Yes, you can fight. But a lot of people just want to explore that beautiful world, interact with NPC's, get into the lore, build their character. I am also thinking of something like second life. People are just there to enjoy a world, commune, etc. And there are many more. So it doesn't need to be all war and action to attract an audience. But developers do not tend to think outside the box, it's risky.

In the case of Star Trek, there is a good fan base of geeks out there. So it will always attract a certain amount of people. And a Star Trek fan will not tend to have a main interest in war, that was not what the series and films were about. So....there must be something in your idea, I would think. You just have to dig numbers up, make calculated assumptions and work out a rough potential that would hopefully be convincing.

As to sci fi games, there is a good market for those. I think you will find a great number of succesful games in the sci/fi and fantasy section. You just want something more creative than the average.

A new trend is also in the user-developed games, that will become bigger (and STO plays into that with the Foundry, which is regrettably a bit limited at this stage). So you could also concentrate on a good gaming engine with the right mechanics (dedicated more to exploration, interaction, etc.) where the fans can create a lot of content. And can also customize their own enviroment that way. It will be the future of gaming.

You should definitely meditate on it, you never know what you can achieve.

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