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Ok, I dont want to be reported for anything but i must ask this.

So a while back i made a post asking why the LRSV-R's special console is being nerfed the way it is. And alot of ppl brought up the fact that if the armor could be left on as long as you dont blow up, that you would be an unfair participant in PvP. So i dropped it. i have just discovered that the KDF faction has something very similar. The Enhanced Battle Cloak is exactly what the Armor should be like. SO why is it that the canon Ablative Armor is nerfed but the canon KDF ability remains. Ppl paying $20 for a ship only half canon is just not right.

You are speaking from ignorance.

The B'rel enhanced battle cloak only works if the ship does not fire a single energy weapon.

Aka, no beams, no cannons, no turrets. The cloak works only if the ship is a 100% torpedo ship.

The only thing the cloak does for a pure-torpedo ship is to re-cloak it 3 seconds after its last non-energy weapon action. This means that if you are a pure torpedo ship and you are firing off 4 torpedoes then you will NOT be re-cloaked until the 3 seconds after the last torpedo has been fired.

4 torpedoes, with global cooldown timers = about 5 to 7 seconds to fire depending on what torpedo it is.

If that was not limiting enough, the ship itself while cloaked has no shields. Sure, no one can shoot at it while its cloaked but any weaponry fired its way in those few seconds that it was cloaked will still track it and hit it.. even after it cloaked. In PVP the B'rel dies a lot to torpedo spread attacks not meant for them ...but they were decloaked in the line of fire...and get insta-killed while cloaked by the blob of torpedoes hitting the naked hull.

Canon? Here's news for you: The B'rel was NERFED from its canon ability. Long time ago it used to be able to fire the torpedo without breaking cloak. Now it does, for 3 seconds minimum. Just to give the federation a 'fair' chance of taking down a ship with extremely weak hull, slow speed (for a BoP) and no shields (while cloaked).

I suggest you fly the B'rel before whining about it. Flying the ship requires an extremely focused captain skill build and setup and even then it is not that powerful of a ship compared to other escorts. Its loads of fun though in my opinion since it does require a captain that thinks not a mindless click-the-buffs-&-shoot escort capt types so common these days.