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09-17-2012, 09:45 AM
Just got cussed out mid match the other day for being a "runner". The fellow exited the map and was replaced. We managed to get all the objectives after he left too. I'm not certain but I believe he got me aggro'd on purpose while I was evacuating colonist two as was alluded to earlier in this thread.

My very next match after that incident I decided not to run and advanced as a team, second colonist died, third diplomat botched. Third colonist barely lived because I left a firefight to get him. This is the pattern I see, you need a runner, hopefully two.

There are lots of times I'm not the runner and I do my role in the back of the group. Yes I die more there but who cares, my job becomes dps. Just get up and kill some more.

I think the objection to runners comes from people that get especially offended by seeing their characters die. I run colony invasion many times per day and my overwhelming experience is that teams are not capable of advancing as a unit to objectives in time. There are new people that don't know where to go, folks with poor skills/dps... you just can't count on a strong team. If I don't see anybody else running I will always go do it. Each career has the means of pulling it off.

I appreciate runners, all of them except those that taunt in team chat about how you would have sucked without them. I know better because I could have just as easily gotten those objectives myself.

You talk about npc's spawning as you approach targets, but what about the timers? Those don't suddenly begin as you get near, timers are what I'm trying to beat. Also, the npc that spawns for the last critical data download does not do so prematurely if I wander through that area. Best to get things while unchallenged.

Play however you want though, I can survive you and you me. I average 30 marks regardless.

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