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09-17-2012, 10:58 AM

Sadly, I'm no longer frustrated or shocked. Its been this way since the begining, it seems.

I wonder if the Devs will look at the KDF FLeet BoPs and the Fleet Raptors to see if they just unbalanced the game with this Fed buffing.

I do not see it looking at the FLeet HoH'Sus versus the Fleet Aquarius given the BoPs having more U-slots, but the buffing of the Saber makes little sense to me.

I am curiuos why the Aquarius gets 4 device slots though.
Well, buffing the Aquarius to 20 negates most of the turning advantage the BoPs have versus a Fed escort (assuming the Aquarius becomes more popular due to this 'improvement'), unless you're flying a B'rel. It's probably not TOO game-breaking, as not everyone will fly the Aquarius. . .but it's still annoying. Meanwhile, the KDF has NO 'escorts' that have 5 tac consoles (except for the JHAS, which is a special case), and have much less in the way of options to pick from (Fleet Hoh'sus partly makes up for that with the uni boffslots).

I say, f**k the Saber and Aquarius. Spend the time buffing the Somraw (give it a 5th tac console, AT LEAST) or fixing the Qin turning pivot and making the fleet Qin something WORTH buying.