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Well, buffing the Aquarius to 20 negates most of the turning advantage the BoPs have versus a Fed escort (assuming the Aquarius becomes more popular due to this 'improvement'), unless you're flying a B'rel. It's probably not TOO game-breaking, as not everyone will fly the Aquarius. . .but it's still annoying. Meanwhile, the KDF has NO 'escorts' that have 5 tac consoles (except for the JHAS, which is a special case), and have much less in the way of options to pick from (Fleet Hoh'sus partly makes up for that with the uni boffslots).

I say, f**k the Saber and Aquarius. Spend the time buffing the Somraw (give it a 5th tac console, AT LEAST) or fixing the Qin turning pivot and making the fleet Qin something WORTH buying.
Without a doubt it does lessen what ever advantages the BoP held in game due to its unique nature and design.
Does the Aqua have a cloak?

Then again DrkFrontiers probally hit a bullseye with the reasoning behind the buff.

I agree that if they are going to continue to buff the feds main DPS dealing vessels (escorts) they need to do the same to the Raptors and BoPs to keep things competitive.
5th tac consoles for the Qin and SOmraw, fix the Qin pivot point, etc.

The Devs act as if the KDF has no interst in maintaining the arms race and is willing to let the feds just walk all over them in vessel designs.
Or so it seems when these changes are made from a suggestion outside of the STO regular forums.

Maybe we KDF need to barrage the Devs in Twitter with our own desires and see if they are acted upon so quickly?
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