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09-17-2012, 11:46 AM
Ran a private CSE run on Saturday with the 10-Forward crowd. Having done this with an without the optional before, we went into this run with no real worries. but that was soon to change.

First thing that went wrong, was one of our team members never transitioned maps, and this being a private run, we weren't going to get anyone else. So now we're in CSE with only 4.

So despite all that, we make impressive headway agianst the three groups of probes. First Cube gone was on the right side. Followed shortly thereafter by the left cube. So now we have three massive spawns heading our way. One spawn of raptors from left, and a spawn of raptors and a spawn of Negh'vars from the center. this is where it got a little crazy. At one point (remember, there's only 4 of us in this mission) 3 of us were dead, and one left (less than 50% health). So of course we think the mission is done, and we lost.

However, The three of us that were down had short respawn times and quickly got back into the fight. The Kang was down to 8% health and surrounded by Negh'vars and Raptors. Luckily at this point they were orbiting Kang, and not using their main weaponary on her. This gave us the time ti regroup and counter attack. a minute later the last cube was down, and Kang was in the clear and gone. A little mop action lead us to the final boss, and after that, we got our drops (which were nothing special).

Never in my experience with CSE have I ever seen the Kang that close to BOOM, and still come away with the mission won. Thanks to all the 10-Forward types with the extra effort to save a bad situation. Hopefully wewon't get stuck with 4 again, next time.