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I hoping to improve mine by getting some feedback on what other players do at end game level every day. Like a daily check list. I figure theres some assignment chains I'm missing that I should always be looking for and maybe some other stuff I missing. Would love some feed back.

1. Check fleet to see if there something to donate to get fleet criedts on main.

2. Fabricate console/infuse artifact/turn in contraband on main and first mule

3. turn in contraband on 2nd, 3rd,and 4th mule.

4. Find assignments until 20 assignments is maxed on main and mules 1 thro 4 looking

5. Check the exchange

6. Do something productive in real world until 4 hour fabricate/infuse/contraband assignment time is up.

7. repeat step 2, 3 and 4

8. Get some rom marks.

9. Check Forum posts



Whats on your daily end game check list?

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