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Take one Klingon. Add bridge crew. Add other crew (a surprising number of whom turn out to be incompetent, traitors or Federation spies...or incompetent, traitorous Federation spies). Give him a ship and let him loose on the galaxy. Film the results.


...The next step? Profit? Honour? A decent laugh? Watch and decide:

Part 1: The First City Marathon

Part 2a: Cleaning House

Part 2b: pagh taHbe'?

Part 3: House calls.

Part 4: Groundtarg day

Part 5: Discretion, silence, subtlety...

Part 6: Confidence leads to Hubris...

Part 7: Brain food

Part 8: Somebody dies.

Part 9: There's something strange...

Part 10: Old station, old (new?) paint

Part 11: I'm blue, da ba dee...

Part 12: The (alleged) hounds of hell

Part 13: For the Emperor!

Part 14: Row, row, row your barge...

Part 15: Impudence?

Part 16: Hunting the hunters...

Part 17: K'Muro's Two.

Part 18: To the Ratcave, Kobor!

Part 19: He could have just sent an invite...

Part 20: The smell of treachery.

Part 21: Hacking Hakeev.

Part 22: Trade and Diplomacy

Part 23: Of Bajor, Bateret, Benzites, books and b-

Part 24: Itinerant irritations in Idran

Part 25: Jailbreaking with consent
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