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Originally Posted by anikaiful View Post
Sorry to pop your bubble there tho, but that won't cut it. The FED are the two-goody-shoes, the shining paladins of righteousness - they can't do anything wrong! Can they? No! They unify the adults, they brainwash the kids, in a grand crusade like no one has ever before seen! And like religions, ultimately failing, but that's another story...

But to indeed put it factually, KDF's been right more oft than wrong, unlike the FEDs.

And in that, you're right! Except that KDF doesn't exist for Cryptic, or anyone else wanting a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari (I'd prefer a Toyota Camry tho... more reliable).
Sad part is you are right. Ah well, hopefully if cryptic ever release open pvp and territory conquest I'll meet you over Earth in, oh I don't know, 5 minutes? Last one to pop a torpedo at Starfleet Command buys the bloodwine!